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….big plans

Think big and don’t listen to people who tell you it can’t be done.

Life’s too short to think small.

                                                                            – Tim Ferriss

#angelina is back




Eggs DIY and more …

Nature has always been my inspiration and moss is the most charming part of it. Its green tones, its softness, its weakness and strongness enchants me.

This is why I choose moss to get some special place cards ready for a very delicate and unique spring table.

This “green” place card egg is my DIY project for the online magazine IfoodStyle and i’m more than honoured to gift it you all.

Please grab you coffee and give a look. You’ll find inspiratin images, incredible healthy and great recipes to make you meal a special event.

This is a special gift for you.



Art to me …


Art to me is something unique,

it’s a world full of colors,


contrasts and balance mixed together to bring  something new and special to life.

 Art is to me a way to escape from reality and give to my emotions new  colors, shapes and size.

This is my aim with any creation of mine; each project, each drawing is my way to bring beautyness and smile to everyone and , to do so, I use colors.

I watercolor painted  the front page of these Japaneese exercise books with my sweet dolls, I sew their crowns and add a beautiful quote.

Each notebook is unique and special. You can write your memories, your projects, your calligraphy exercises, your ideas, your sketches, your quotes …anything you’d like to keep on a safe special place.

….mine is nearly full of new ideas and I’ll be back soon to share with you.