Aquarelle coloured pencils

Since I was little, I was fascinated by those big boxes of colorful pencils with all the crayons ordered by colors and I really would had liked to have one just for me. Unfortunately they were really expensive and so my parents substituted them with a little and super cheap box with 12 crayons in it.

My desire for having a giant box of colorful crayons always stayed in my heart though. Growing up I got closer or maybe I never got distance from the color that, according to me, it’s one of the most expressive type of art. Acrylic colors, water colors (my biggest passion), inks, but also natural colors, crayons, oil pastels , color pencils, markers… the color in any style to represent and extern emotions and feelings.

Imagine the joy when the courier knocked at my door and left a package. As soon as I opened it my child desire came true: a giant box of colorful pencils. Not standard ones but water soluble ones from Mondeluz : those that become stains of colors dropping some water on the pencils, those that can be used in different ways, those that… you wouldn’t stop coloring with just because they surprise you step by step.

Koh-I-Noor Italy kindly honored me, since I am a member of their design team, with a sensational box of watersoluble crayons and, without knowing it, they granted one of my dream since I was a child, the one that probably kept me so close to this world of colors. Thanks so much Koh-I-Noor Italy.

Of course the amazement left its spot to the creativity that I had to use to understand how these “sticks with hexagonal shape” could integrate with my way of coloring and painting.

and so… I started from the beginning.

According to me art is Change the rules but… first

you need to get to know them so day by day I started using these crayons in different way to understand their correct use in a drawing to be able to…. alter it later.

First of all, the most important thing to get to know them is to try to understand the gradation of color and shades that every crayons has according to its pigmentation.

I created a mini color schedule for every single crayon. The writing of every single color pencil allowed me to see the effectiv color of the crayon on the paper, how it changes when you watercolor it and above all to have a complete visual of all the color gradations that I could create.

So the choice of the colors is easier and so the combination of different crayons.

Then I did more.

I tried different way to use them effectively to create backgrounds, color areas and shade them but… since the post really long  already, we can talk about it later.

Meanwhile if you are willing to try them and start the same way I did, I suggest you create a grill then color it filling every space with a single crayon. Fill just the part of the space with the pure color and then, watercoloring, shading it towards the area left white, so you can have for each color area the effective gradation of every single crayon.
Complete writing the code of the crayon you used next to the colored area. If you have any doubts or you want some other info hit me up!

I will be so happy to share with you everything I learnt using these awesome watercolor crayons.







Raspberry pie

There are chaotic days in which 24 hours seem a few in order to finish all of the tasks and then, there are the Sundays. Those Sundays in which the main word is slowness, in which you can regenerate your soul just thinking about yourself, concentrating just on what you  want to do without restrictions, without the clock ticking the time, without the phone disturbing the rest. those mornings in which you have breakfast in bed, with the soft breeze that filters through the windows and the morning fresh light that floods into the room.

A piece of pie, a cup of coffee, a fresh flower and Sunday starts like this… in a  slow way.

I leave you the recipe for this quick and super easy  pie  that, I’m sure, will win over you.


Ingredients for a spring pan size 20 cm

200 gr flour 00

100 gr  sugar

100 gr  butter of good quality cold from the fridge

2 yolks

1 orange or lemon peel

200 gr  raspberry jam (or your favourite taste)



  1. Mix flour and sugar. Form a hole in the middle and add the yolks, the butter in little pieces and the peel of the lemon. Mix the ingredients to combine them. Form a ball, cover it with a transparent wrap and put it in the fridge for 30 minutes.
  2. Put it in the spring pan. Turn the oven on on 180°. Take 2/3 of the dough, extend it in the mold creating a low shell. Perforate the dough with a fork.
  3. Add the jam.
  4. With the dough left and a rolling pin, prepare  little stripes to form the grating. (sometimes I prepare the pie excluding this part, the jam will be dryer but still good)
  5. Cook in the hot oven for about 25/30 minutes. The cooking  time varies according to the oven. When the crost on the edge becomes golden you can  take that out of the oven.
  6. Let the pie get cold on a grate before take it out of your pan.

You can taste this pie  as soon as it’s ready but also after some days (you can conserve for some days but only if you hide it in a safe place because as soon as you taste it it will be gone right away)



Angelina’s mug

As I promised in my last post, today I’m gonna talk about my Angelina’s mug.

Angelina is my illustrated chicken, my signature,my way to gather in a drawing everything I like from an artistic and personal point of view.

Well…let’s start with the choice of the subject : the chicken. I  do not know if I am the one who chose her or vice versa. All I know is that from immemorial date she started being in my drawings and slowly she got a shape, colours and meanings each day more and more important. In this drawing there is my passion for lines,colours, calligraphy, shadings and, at last,but for sure the most important, its meaning.

Angelina represents to me  simplicity and essentiality. I love Nature , simple things, neat lines and geometric shapes. I love the excessive attention to details and refinement of colors. So Angelina represents all of this. From an artist point of view Angelina is my signature.

…and then, there is her deeper meaning , my personal one. The one that brings me to love this animal more than others. According to me this chicken means also friendship, passion, sharing,joy,support and debate for growing. Topics that I’ve always been finding in new and old friends of mine during these years : the Bloggalline ( in English it should be the blogchickens 🙂 ) whom I am a member of.

After this long explanation…may I now introduce you my lovely Angelina, she ‘s  been printed on a ceramic mug to wish you all friendship, passion, joy and ….more.

you can have breakfast with Angelina,

you can have your  coffee or tea brak with her ,

you can taste your fav ice cream or smoothies with her …

does not matter when or how , she will always be with you reminding you that ..




What do you think? Hope you like her  as I do.


If yuo’d love to purchase one, please feel free to ask for info with a private message.


Tarte au chocolat fondent

For a special event you need a special cake.

I got my recipe from a foodblogger of mine I love the best : Enrica alias Chiarapassion.

Her amazing blog has tons of incredible repices and, when I need  surprising menu, I always go there.

My special occasion is Linda’s graduation after her year in an Americal high school. I wish I could have sat first raw with my eyes glistering with tears being a proud mum. She faced her wonderful and  sometimes difficult year acting with determitation, being brave, curious and finding beauty everywhere. She left her comfort zone to achieve her dreams. She learned so many things , she got a new amazing family, new friends, new culture, new way to look at things but, above all, she acquired new awareness : Your only limit is you.

A cup of tea, a slice of cake in front of a desktop admiring Linda’s graduation day : a new unforgettable memory time of this icredible 2016/2017.

Think Happy


Happy !

….but I’m gonna tell you about this in my next post.