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A color study …

… Kyù taught me to represent my thoughts in an abstract way… If you observe well the things you think about, each one has a precise color, right? and if it doesn’t have one, you should be able to give every single thing with a color, right? Why don’t you try to paint them like that, one after another? … at those words I realized for the first time that my thoughts had a color.

– Banana Yoshimoto

Color comes from light, it’s generated in the observer’s eye and it builds a sensorial impression. Everybody perceives the color in different way from one another, even the same person can perceive the color differently depending on his mood.

Three parameters define a color : the chromatic tone, known as shade, the saturation and the luminosity.


Red is the first color of the rainbow and it seems also to be the first color that the kids perceive. In latin “rubens” is synonym of colorful; symbol of life and vitality.

The color is for me a fascinating universe capable of influencing subconsciously lots of aspects of our life…

..and so I often find myself studying the color, constantly looking for the perfect chromatic harmony.

Watercolors are perfect for this type of study. Their pigments allows to create tones and undertones and the combination of just two colors can create lots of others shades.

In my study of the color I chose to discover the endless undertones and shades using two colors each time. The endless possibility of tones are incredible and, after a while I found y new addiction for a color study. It’s relaxing and stimulating at the same time. It is addicting.

… and so I began to paint with colors transferring my thoughts on the paper, and picking the sad tonalities whenever I was sad, but, also the happy tonalities, because at the end I wanted to become a little bit more cheerful…

– Banana Yoshimoto


Experiment, dare …..with aquerelle coloured pencils


 Creativity is



taking risks

breaking rules

making mistakes

and having fun.

                               – Mary Lou Cook

As promised, I keep on writing  from here my post about Mondeluz watercolor crayons telling you  , but mostly  showing you, how I started to use them.

I love the endless possibilities of base coating of these crayons but since, according to me, the funniest part of the color is the surprise of the watercolor  pigment moving   on paper after each brush, I decided to  experiment them in a different way.

Trial after trial, project after project I understood how I like to use them: pure and free,leaving them  moving on the paper to create backgrounds in which  the color  is the main character  narrating a brief story, a memory of mine , a moment.

… and so…with few pencils, a brush and some water… I fixed a day at the beach on paper…


In the detail you can see how the colors are mixed, how the wavy affect of the watercolor let me create a unique, and really important for me, background,

how with few instruments I obtained a full and at the same time light base coating.

I like a lot  using the crayons in this way . It helps to  get my mind free and it let me being concetrated just on the color.

If you want to try it I suggest you to follow  few easy steps and then set  your creativity free. I am sure  you will be  reserved tons of appreciated and unexpected surprises.

Tip and tricks :

1- choose a palette with colors which tells  your story

2- Use just high quality paper for watercolors ( possibly 120 lb – better 140 lb) and always keep by hand cleaned water to modify the tones of your colored  pigment. Limit the area you want to paint using  some paper tape.

3- take some color from the crayon using your wet brush  Start spreading out the color on the paper with random paint strokes. Strenghten the color adding here and there some pure color and in some areas, just add cleaned water to mute down the color . Remember to work in little areas each time and take care to have the surface wet all the time so you can add new colors that, based on the level of drying, will interage between each other. To allow the pigment to “group” in some areas you can spread some fine salt. Pay attention though, after addin salt on your paper , you won’t be able to work on that area anymore and you will take the salt off, admiring the effect, just when it’s completly dried.




change the rules,

make mistakes but most of all… have fun.

If you have any doubt or you want more info you can leave a comment here. I hope to be able to reply all of your questions and be usefull to you. If you decide to try it you can tag me so I won’t lose anything of your awesome art on paper.





Do not disturb ….anthomy of an egg

I love the simple things and …what is more simple than an oval shape ?

…but I also love simple things that hide, in small spaces, big meanings and despite their weakness, they really bring tons of beautiful possibilities.

So plainly , using a pencil and watercolor, here you are my anathomy of an egg.

“DO NOT DISTURB”  – anathomy of an egg.



design and project by me .

Art to me …


Art to me is something unique,

it’s a world full of colors,


contrasts and balance mixed together to bring  something new and special to life.

 Art is to me a way to escape from reality and give to my emotions new  colors, shapes and size.

This is my aim with any creation of mine; each project, each drawing is my way to bring beautyness and smile to everyone and , to do so, I use colors.

I watercolor painted  the front page of these Japaneese exercise books with my sweet dolls, I sew their crowns and add a beautiful quote.

Each notebook is unique and special. You can write your memories, your projects, your calligraphy exercises, your ideas, your sketches, your quotes …anything you’d like to keep on a safe special place.

….mine is nearly full of new ideas and I’ll be back soon to share with you.